An eclectic search of inspiration

From a Rock background I began to play the electric guitar, until I realised the best path to follow was a strong Classical Music foundation, then is when I  started my journey searching for different aspects; composing, conducting, performing, and researching from medieval music to the most avant-gard contemporary techniques in spectral music.

Gisela Paterno Conductor
Gisela Paterno y Bruno Gallo Rehearsal
Concert GEAM ensemble-Gisela Paterno


Composing music for me is to be able to connect in different ways to either the listener, to also the musicians that performs my piece. From collective projects in which I worked with different disciplines, to commissions from all around the world that made me connect with people I never met in my life through my music, to dedicate a piece for specific musicians, thinking about how they are as human beings and from there create my music, all this inspires me to make music




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