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When words fail, music speaks


An eclectic search of inspiration

From a Rock background I began to play the electric guitar, until I realised the best path to follow was a strong Classical Music foundation, then is when I  started my journey searching for different aspects; composing, conducting, performing, and researching from medieval music to the most avant-gard contemporary techniques in spectral music.

Gisela Paterno Conductor


My journey

Argentinian/Italian composer, guitarist, cellist and music teacher graduated from the Santa Ana Institute in 2006 and in 2012 graduated  in BMus (Hons.) at IUNA's Music Department (National University Institute of Arts) in composition.

Her works have been premiered in venues such as Cervantes Theatre (Argentina), National University of Lanus (UNLa), National University of the Arts (IUNA), Palace of the Legislature of Buenos Aires,  Buenos Aires Conservatory, UNINORTE University Hall (Paraguay)  , Kansas City (USA) and  Jan Hus Church in New York (USA).

She currently lives in Kensington (London, UK) where she works as a composition and guitar teacher, freelance composer and Vice-Director of WKMT (West Kensington Music Team).

In 2009 creates GEAM (Artistic Musical Experimentation Group) where she served as director, composer and performer.

Within GEAM  she has composed and premiered several works, as part of the Ars Magna Ensemble.

This Ensemble was created with the sole purpose to embrace the compositional creative process in a total free and collaborative way, where composers and performers could find the right environment to embrace their own musical styles. Within this ensemble she created many pieces involving real-time processes and real-time video improvisation combined with Max/SMP.

She has composed commissioned works for the UnLa (National University of Lanús)

She has participated as a performer and coordinator of a draft submitted to the LIPM (Research and Production  Musical Laboratory - Recoleta Cultural Center)

Within the genre of orchestral music, she has been invited by the Northern University (UNINORTE) premiering a work of authorship within the framework of the IV International Festival of Contemporary Music in Asuncion (Paraguay) in August 2011.

Her piece "Jest and riddle, Op. 24" for tenor and piano was selected from a worldwide competition and has been premiered in New York City in February 2014.

She was part of the winners of the Maroon Trio competition 2014, promoted by the Blackhouse Collective, which they commissioned piece a piece for Bassoon, Horn and Marimba, premiered on April 20th in Kansas City.

Her piano work "Recuerdos de San Telmo, Op. 27" was chosen to be choreographed by MaD Circle in Manhattan, New York on August 10th, 2014.

She is a member of two highly renowned composer associations in Argentina, CUDA (United Composers of Argentina) since December 2011 and UNACOM (United female Composers of Argentina) since March 2012.

Gisela Paterno y Bruno Gallo Rehearsal

Composition with Live Electronics

The challenge of mixing the visuals with improvisation in real-time

I found that one of the major challenges as a composer is to interact with technology as another instrument of creation. This opened a new world of timbrical possibilities. Being able to connect on a musical level with real-time audio and visual processing and improvisation is definitively one of my major satisfactions.

Concert GEAM ensemble-Gisela Paterno

Composition for Ensembles

Working with talented musicians from different backgrounds

In 2006 I founded the GEAM Ensemble with amazing musicians and composers, together, we developed a way to create music with an open mind, working towards a common goal. Throughout my career, I have worked with different ensembles from different parts of the globe, sometimes listening the same piece from different versions; performers contribute with their own idiosyncrasy to the soul of the music.


Composing music for me is to be able to connect in different ways to either the listener, to also the musicians that performs my piece. From collective projects in which I worked with different disciplines, to commissions from all around the world that made me connect with people I never met in my life through my music, to dedicate a piece for specific musicians, thinking about how they are as human beings and from there create my music, all this inspires me to make music

hitomi and sabrina phantasy for violin and piano.JPG

Phantasy, Op. 28

For Violin and Piano. London, UK.

This piece touched my heart in a very special way, composed this for two wonderful performers, Hitomi and Sabrina, they brought their unique touch and emotion to the piece. The piece is composed on a Lydian mode, and was thought for olden days.

The recording was organised by WKMT London.


From A to B

For cello with pedal board, Live electronics and visuals

A corolary of one year project from improvising with Bruno, we added live electronics to our improvisations to which when we felt comfortable with the result, Marcos joined the team with his amazing talent to control visuals. The piece is based on a poem of Beckett. I consider the piece to be a collective work of joined effort of Bruno, Marcos and also the actress wh incorporated her own style and rhythm to the text given to her.

photo - concert - Maroon Trio.jpg

Three in Disguise, Op 23

For Maroon Trio - Horn, Bassoon and Marimba, Kansas. USA

This recording has become a favorite among fans, as it has various pitch ranges paired with amazing instrumental melodies. I worked incredibly hard on all of the arrangements, and I’m proud to be able to present the fans with this amazing piece. Listen to this recording, as well as many other recordings now.


Sheet Music Edits


I have ten years of experience teaching musical theory, harmony, Counterpoint and Composition. WKMT studio offers the possibility to study music in the London branch as well as worldwide with our Skype Lessons Program.



Analysis, Etudes and useful and information for composition students

I decided to upload the material that I work with my students at WKMT to help and easy the way of young students in composition. I hope you find them useful!

Sheet Music Over Piano

Free material: Cello, Theory, Harmony applied to the piano

Free download

Just to my blog and take a look on all the updates I have. There are lots useful material for Cello, Guitar, Music Theory, Counterpoint and Harmony.



Want to learn more about me, my music, and my performances? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.




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