Stories and experiences throughout our music lessons

March 7, 2019

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As a teaching professional with many years of experience, I must  confess I had plenty of tales, stories and moments kept on my memory that happened during my music lessons.


That is exactly what my colleague Sabrina Curpanen brings to WKMT Blog. Our Senior piano instructor in London has designed a series of articles in which she will mention some of fun and interesting experiences and comments she received during her piano lessons from her students or parents of the students.


Undoubtedly, as independent professionals, we all have experiences to share from our students. Questions, answers, reactions, situations,... when you work full time, overall in London, you for sure will be witness of plenty of crazy tales.


This series of articles are meant though to share some common questions we got from our students or their parents about music tuition. Obviously, only a musician is a master in musical matters, so that's why the parents need to ask to make sure they understand the meaning and purpose of some topics within the lessons and tuition.


I invite you all to keep on reading this series of articles published on the blog. This first article can be found using the link aforementioned.




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