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A Piano Composition Adventure

Here we are again to bring a new musical adventure our colleague Narotam Horn has been involved into.

This Senior piano teacher at WKMT Piano studio has built up a portfolio of great piano students within 2017 and 2018. We thank him for his hard work teaching WKMT students. And now we thank him that he shares with all of us his new musical adventures. He has been called to compose a piano piece to give life to a new short silent-film directed by the famous Shwetal Patel.

It is not the first time that Narotam composes the music for a film by the same director. The previous one was barely three months ago under the name of: Untitled.

Now, he has been called again to create the music for the last film called: Maria, real life is rubbish, $ forever.

Yes, I know, such a... shocking title for a movie, let's say. But anyway, it is worth to watch it as it is already free published in Youtube.

We suggest you all to read the full article written by the composer in which he explains the idea of the film and the complete scores of the piano piece composed to know how the music will sound like.


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