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Skills you will need to compose music

Here I bring a new brief of my recent contribution to WKMT Blog.

This time, I talk about what I like most: Composition.

Lately,we are receiving far more queries from students to learn composition at WKMT compared to a time ago. That's why, as a Degreed in Music Composition I decided to create a post in which I explain what it takes to become a composer. I mean, what we will need to be able to compose music and understand music as well as the process.

Creativity, imagination, curiosity and overall, discipline. In my opinion, those four skills will be needed for any of us to become a composer. To be able to understand and write music accurately.

However, by order, discipline would be in the first place. Especially at the beginning of the learning process, we will need it in order to fully understand and process the way we compose. The rest of them, we might have it in our inner, or in case they are not, it could be easily developed with the time as an exercise.

I truly recomend you to fully read my article by clicking on the link aforementioned. Either if you are learning composition or thinking about starting to learn it, do not hesitate to read it as well as my related posts where you will have some more knowledge before starting.


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