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Traditional Music

What do we mean when we talk about traditional music? What is exactly folkore music? How do we regnisethis kind of music from any other genre of music?

Our new article aims to answer those questions by talking about folk music.

Anthony Elward, piano teacher at WKMT London Piano Studio, has recently posted this new topic on the blog. We all have heard about folk music, but do we really know the real meaning? Well, we can consider traditional music as folk music. In a very summarised way, folk music should be the music inherent in a society or collective. Music sometimes combined with a particular dance that contains the traditions and culture of the collective and it has been like that for years, even centuries in some of the cases. Traditional music passed generation after generation, mostly keeping the same idea and rhythms.

The reason why Anthony wrote about this topic is that he is rehearsing with one of our piano tutors some folk pieces. That will be a part of a performance very soon organised by WKMT, in which they will be performing folk music on the violin and harpsichord.

Do not hesitate to read the full article and know a bit more about folk music nowadays and always. Click on the link below mentioned and re-discover your folk music.



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