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Music Lessons in London: Prices and Reviews

I have been working together with Juan Rezzuto for almost ten years teaching Guitar, Cello, Piano and Composition lessons in London. We are very proud to stand as one of the most inclusive practises in London.

Prices and Reviews

Our lessons are fueled by our true passion and commitment with music. It was quite a shock to see how a collegue of ours starter just making up an entire page in wich totally fake and manipulative reviews were shared. These reviews were made by totally anonymous people which didn't share any credentials or substancial contact details. Anyway... We decided to open the eyes of the piano student community by creating two ages which actyually show the stats of independent reviews than through google accounts.

Reviews, unless they come from independent and veryfiable sources, can be a big fake. Our studio has a policy, and this one states that we are not showing any reviews in our website unless they come straight from our Google Business page. Why? because there is no other way to produce a review about a Google business but using a Google veryfied account. This means that it is much more difficult for a company to fake this reviews.

If you are interested in checking out objectively what is going on in the realm of London piano studios you can check these two useful links.

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