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Piano Sonata analysis: Hybrids

My colleage Juan Rezzuto continues with his summaries of William Caplin's Classical Forms.

I find this book extremely useful. It takes a ot of effort of runnign through the 756 pages that build it up but it worths every second of your time.

Piano Sonata analysis: Hybrids

Rezzuto's last summary is about the hybrid theme or the 4 chapter. Caplin describes how each hybrid type resembles the sentence or the period.

For example:

1. Antecedent - continuation: It is similar to both the sentence and the period

2. Antecedent - cadential: Period features are stronger than sentencial ones. The cadential has more weight put on the cadence than in fragmentation, rhythmic or harmonic acceleration.

3. CBI - continuation: It is extremely similar to a sentence


To read the full article please visit the link below

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