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Composition and Compound themes

Composition and Compound themes

I personally recomend the reading of WKMT's Compound music Themes article

In order to make the composition process faster, we should understand better the building blocks of music.

Musical syntaxis can prove to be daunting when we are not familiar with musical analysis. In the past, music composers used to learn how to compose mainly by analysing their contemporary's works.

Composition and compound themes

William Caplin made the work easier for us. He basically analysed lots of piano sonatas and clasical works in general. He subsequently created a paradigm based on the iterations noticed throughout the literature. He found out that themes are generally of two main kinds: simple and compound.

Compound themes are the ultimate cluster. the most advanced way of organizing music syntactically in a solid structure capable of opening big musical forms. Wth this tool we can create enough momentum to open a Symphony or even a piano concerto.

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