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WKMT Piano Masterclasses

piano studio WKMT

WKMT and ourselves, the members, have just organised a piano Masterclass for the next 18th March this current year. The idea came up after our last Masterclass organised prior the VI Edition of WKMT Music Festivals, when we designed one for early ages in order to rehearse and get ready for the performances.

Thanks to the success and good results either from the students and parents, we decided to create piano Masterclasses more often, which we believe will help them to focus on some crucial points and will improve and develop great skills.

In this case, the will reinforce scales, arpeggios and rhythm, as well as they will be chosing their pieces to perform in our next Music Festival VII taking place in May 12th at Pushkin House.

Here I copy the link which will take you the article prepared to explain the masterclass and what we will do and its benefits for the young students. Do not hesitate to contact WKMT to know our next Piano Masterclasses.

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