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A brief on British popular music


We love music as an expression of art and therefore, of the society. Any valued country is wealthy in terms of artists and musicians, and we all should know that. At WKMT, we inspire and get inspired every day, it means all, as well as the music.

A recent article published at WKMT blog talks about all these matters, how the British music evolved through the last three decades, and not only the music but also the society with it. That makes us think how important and influential the music could be for an entire society. When it changes, means that something in the society is changing, it could be a real index of the change and evolution, as the music is inspired in the society and the society might be inspired with the music.

Check last article written by Dominik Brendan, my colleague at the studio, piano teacher and singer, which explores the famous article about British popular music and National identity written by David Hesmondhalgh. An article which goes through the last decades of music in Britain and how Britpop was the first of the change and followed by many others such as Indie, Black and electro dance music.

Read it fully on the link below mentioned and do not miss the chance of getting to know how the music progresses as a sign of the societies do.

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