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Flowing piano tempo

Piano Lessons London with WKMT

Here I bring a new article from WKMT Blog. As usual, talking about piano technique.

For this case, we asked Narotam Horn, a Senior piano teacher specialised in piano lessons for kids, to write an article about how to get flowing on the piano. With that we mean how to get the idea of flowing with the music. Some pieces in classical music need an idea of waving the melody, with strong and quicker beginnings descending up to finishing with soft and slow rhythm. That will get the feeling of being flowing as the water in a river.

It is essential and can also be easily applied to the early stages of piano learning, through the appreciation of phrase marks in the score, or through cadences which suggest an open ending in the music.

Check this interesting article at WKMT blog. You will have it at a click just below.

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