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A professional brief about Violin Bows.

We are back here with Violin and a strings topic!

Welcoming September with a great article writen by my colleague Irene Bejar. She is violin tutor at WKMT and usual performer for WKMT London Orchestra. She has now written an article talking about strings instruments with professional advises about it.

In this case, she expresses her knowledge about the bows of any strings instrument. She talks about some interesting ideas around the bows such as the evolution of themselves along the history, its shape, how to tension it properly, what are the best brands of bows, among some others ideas.

Did you know the name of every single part of the bow? What are they for too? Hair, pad, frog, stick and screw are some of them. Different parts made of different materials with its use.

Did you know how the best bow would be? Do you know how to get the best one ever? Well, according to Irene's article, she has three ways of how to know and get the best bow possible for each of us.

Do not hesitate to read it fully and know all about the bows. All what you need to know about it, it is in this new article published by WKMT Music Blog.


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