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A useful Advice by Sabrina Curpanen

Here I come back. This time, I refer to a great article written by my colleague and friend Sabrina Curpanen. A pianist I truly respect, and even more as a person. She is one of the greatest piano teachers at the studio, colleague, and committed teacher for all her students. And we can feel that in every article she does for WKMT Music Blog.

She is now trying to answer a common question: Do our child need to practice during holidays? Either Christmas season or Summer period, do we need to keep on practising? Is it good to have a break that long? Well, the answer, as you all can imagine, is no at all...

That's my opinion as piano tutor, as well as Sabrina's. She explains how important is to keep on practising even on holidays, and the bad results from dropping the piano or instrument for a while. Especially for children, who like the routine and when that routine is broken it will take them too many efforts to get back efficiently.

Do not miss to read the full article and get some important tips for these holiday season.

Christmas Piano Sessions


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