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Analysing a Great Composer

Here I come back. This time, I bring an article with some history of music. Yes, within the European music history, we undoubtedly count on a name among many others: Ignaz Moscheles.

Some of you might have not heard about him until now. Indeed, sadly his name became really famous during the XIX Century, however, nowadays, rarely you listen to it. That makes me think the importance of the classical music scene has nowadays. The generations usually listened to whatever is "fashionable", and that is extended to classical music too. Have you not though about the easyness of being able to listen to a Rachmaninoff piano concert (overall 2 or 3 Numbers), any Beethoven (3 or 5) or the famous N21 by Mozart. However, what concerts do we know from Edvard Grieg, I. Moscheles, Haydn, etc?

Exactly, we know about what is trendy and widely played in the big cities. And that is good, however, it has its own disadvantages like this. We get used to some composers, the most famous of the moment and then we don't get interested in many many others of the history of music.

That's why I love this new article published on the Blog of WKMT. My colleague writes about the life and pieces of Ignaz Moscheles. A bit of history for all of us.

Let's keep the soul of this great musicians alive within us.


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