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Analysing chords for WKMT Series

analysing chords for wkmt blog

Welcome all back to my blog, and thanks for keep on following it as well as my articles and analysis.

Well, this is what I am into right now. WKMT has commissioned me a new series of articles in which I will explain all about the chord substitution for all those composition students and enthusiasts.

As long as they publish every one of the chapters, I will go posting them above that way you will have access to the full series of articles.

For all those who don't know me yet, I am graduated in BMus (Hons.) at IUNA's Music Department (National University Institute of Arts) in composition. Music is my true passion, and it is easily seen throughout my works, compositions, articles, analysis and my students. I am currently living and working in London, where I am running a fantastic experience which is WKMT Music Studio in Kensington, being also part of the teachers for piano, guitar and composition.

In my spare time, I like to either compose, research or analyse different works. My works have been premiered in several cities around the world: London, New York, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Kansas among many other yet to come. Compositions for live electronics, contemporary music, for ensembles and soloists, etc.

Also, I write for my section in WKMT Music Blog personal research and pieces of analysis for students and followers.

I feel fortunate for being able to dedicate and commit my life to what I love, and that is mainly music. I do hope you all enjoy too from my works, and that my pieces of research and analysis help you all out in any way.

This time, do not miss this new series of three chapters in which I explain all about the diatonic chords, and how to manage its substitution.

For many more years here posting for you all, making music the centre of our lives :)


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