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Analysing the great Spanish Violinist

Yes, if you have watched the video afore posted, you will know who we are talking about.

The greatest violinist and composer, Sarasate. Born in North of Spain, in a small region for that while in 1844.

Sarasate was a gifted violinist who at the age of 4 was able to perform a passage his dad was struggling though. That moment was crucial for him, and thanks to his dad who noticed that talent of his young son and took him to have violin lessons with a local violin teacher.

Soon, he took off and it was only with eight years old when he made his first debut in A Coruna, Galicia, Spain. This performance was so well received that he got funding to keep on studying in Madrid under the Maestro Manuel Rodriguez Saez. Here, Pablo learnt the most important things and tips that will be using for the rest of his career.

Some time after that, he got a promotion to study in the Paris Conservatoire under Jean-Delphin Alard only four years later. Here, he made is first debut in Paris, and soon he was travelling around the world performing violin concertos and pieces. Pablo de Sarasate finally became famous in the XIX Century.

Pablo is a reknown romantic violinist and also composer. Time after performing tours, he decided start writing violin concertos and pieces for violin, apart from many arrangements of famous pieces.

WKMT Blog has published a new post talking about Sarasate and some interesting concepts about his life and career. Do not miss it out and indulge yourself with his technique and wonderful Aires Bohemios.


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