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Analysing the Music in the Baroque Period

Here I am, now back with a great new article under the arm.

Thanks, Avelino Vazquez, my colleague at WKMT Piano studio and Harpsichord teacher in London, for this new post at WKMT Music Blog, which in my opinion is a quite powerful article talking about art and music.

Particularly, he mentions the idea of Aristotelian, and all those who usually read my articles will know why I like it that much. I do like to analyze the music and art from the point of view of Aristotle, as he marked a beginning and a meaning for all the subjects related to art. Music, drama, painting and emotions.

In this case, Avelino talks about the process from the Renaissance to the Baroque period. A very convulsive era that impregnated the art: The difference between the beginner Velazquez and the old one, as well as Rembrandt. They created the idea of the art of unfinished. The idea of the art which should be finished as per our vision and point of view. A very rare idea that is very related to this period and marked a before and after in art.

Read more about it with this great article. You can just click on the link below mentioned and submerge yourself into the Baroque period.


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