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Analysing the XIV-XVII Centuries of music

Stunning David, isn't it? Such a magnificent sculpture that means an entire period of history. Mind, changes, evolution, society, art, music, all reflected in this beautiful masterpiece by Michelangelo.

In this piece and many other from that while. The Renaissance, as it is usually called as the rebirth of Europe. The period between XIV and XVII Centuries. Times of changes and evolution in as many fields as possible. The time of the Humanism, the human being for over all.

The Renaissance is considered a cultural movement during that time. Although it started in Italy, it influenced and was extended for all Europe. This movement could be seen in art, music, philosophy, politics, architecture, etc. The entire society and continent needed to reinvent itself, and therefore was thanks to the Renaissance when a new Europe was reborn.

In this movement, as I mentioned before, was based on the man. The man over everything, man meant everything in life, and all goes around the man. Like a Godish figure.

How all that affected or influenced the music?

Well, this is the main point we wanted to reach out. Thanks to Avelino Vazquez, our music history researcher and piano instructor at WKMT Piano Studio London, who wrote this series of articles analysing the music along the history of Europe. Previous time, he wrote about Baroque period and music within it, now he intends to explain the idea of music during the Renaissance.

So following up, there are several points that identifies the music from that era. The main topic was the human being feelings and emotions. The topic of the music changed onto a new modern era, in which man is the main subject. The use of the polyphonic voice(s) as well as the extension of the music as a source of study and analyse thanks to the development of the printing in Europe. We must say that the Franco-Flemish school had got a lot to do in this sense.

Learn all about it with the article written by our colleague. Rediscover the music from the Renaissance with this article getting more info about it. Just click on the link above mentioned.


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