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Being a part of something musically huge

Here I bring my latest article published at WKMT Blog, in which I described three possible different results a teacher can obtain from teaching a piano beginner:

  1. The student can become a concert pianist

  2. The student can become a piano teacher

  3. The student can become a music connoisseur (most frequent case)

The good news: The three possible results are reached applying the same methodology. The aim of this article is to explain my piano learning cycle, which is applied in WKMT Piano studios by all our teachers for all our students.

We go from the technique, Scaramuzza, to practical sections and theoritecal. As well as listening skills, by our concerts organised every month and performing skills with WKMT Music Festivals in which our students perform what they learn during their piano lessons while being recorded professionally. Everything surrounded by the idea of classical concert, so that way we create their piano portfolio.

We like to do more for our students, because that is what we do, teaching piano with the highest standards.

Have a look to my article in the link below mentioned.

That is what I mean with something musically huge. To belong to a wonderful and every time bigger music society in London. Here I share the trailer result from our last Music Festival - November 2017. And now, looking forward to the next one on the 12th May this year. See previous article.


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