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Classical piano concert by Juan Rezzuto

classical concert london

WKMT has just released the date of its next classical concert in London. On the 24th March at 4 pm, under the ceiling and immensity of St. Cuthbert's church (Earls Court, London).

In this case, I am specially proud to announce a concert, overall, when the performer and conductor is Juan Rezzuto, my colleague and founder of WKMT piano studios.

Juan Rezzuto and his commitment to Haydn, has taken him to analyse all Haydn sonatas, as well as perform them. This 24th March will be then an anticipation of what he will be performing in his next big concert with an orchestra after summer. However, this time he will go for non-orchestra, but with two accompanists: violin and a second piano.

Haydn Sonata N4 in A and Haydn piano concert N4 in G, performed and conducted by Juan Rezzuto.

I would like to invite you all to this great concert on a Saturday afternoon. You can check all the info and details on the link below as well as booking your tickets. You could check the event in our social media profiles as Piano Lessons London WKMT.

We hope to see you all there enjoying this beautiful pieces.


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