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Evolution of the vocal coaching

Did you know that the singers might be trained through different vocal methods? Have you though of the super-fast singing training the famous actors have been trained with? Is there any way to improve our singing coaching?

That is exactly what our last article talks about on WKMT Blog. Thanks to Dominik Brendan, our Singing tutor in London for WKMT Studio, writes about singing methods and the idea of the evolution of this "science".

Our colleague has been trained in different methods and he has now written about some of them to explain what is better and what is not that better. Also, the famous technique used by the most famous actors to improve their singing skills for any singing movie-scene. Stars such as Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson and Steve Wonder are cited in this interesting article.

Learn some interesting ideas about the singing scene and its treats to get a better voice. Also, get to know some new and innovative singing methods. Click on the title of this article and access to the full article.


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