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Exploring XVIII piano sonatas

Juan Rezzuto, my colleague and founder of WKMT, launched recently his article series about Haydn sonatas. To be exact, a series of articles of how to analyse them properly. Which it could used also to analyse any other piano sonatas.

There are a lot different ways to assess how a piece is built up.

William Caplin’s “Musical Forms” is a great source of information. On the downside, this is a very extensive book -above 750 pages long!- Juan Rezzuto and WKMT are committed to summarize this fabulous piece material into short articles. These articles are not meant to substitute the reading of this work, on the contrary, they are a way to tempt readers to read further.

We recommend all piano students and enthusiastic to read this material. It can certainly help the understanding of how we analyse piano sonatas.


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