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Giving shape to your composer mind

Yes! I bet I have said it before, but never mind. In case you need composition lessons in London, WKMT is the best choice for you.

An experienced music studio since 2010, with tutors like myself and Juan Rezzuto, who both have been degreed in Music composition by the National University of Buenos Aires (UNA).

We had and still have students of the current top music scene. From electro/house music to pop-rock singers, have passed along our studio receiving composition lessons.

Like we all, they started with the ideas in their minds, music or songs created by themselves, but obviously without the knowledge to create it on a score with all the means.

So for that reason, we decided to design a programme and syllabus to learn composition at our studios. A programme to follow step by step, as we were taught in Argentina, to create the full frame for every musician or student who would like to be able to compose and write their own music and that way show it to the rest of the world in a format that everyone could easily listen to and understand.

We are still giving it the shape needed, it will take at least one or two more months, but as soon as we have it done, we will definitely post on my website for you all to know and to have access to. Compose your music will be the name we will give it. So stay tuned.

If you ticks all the boxes, you should be in then.

For now, most importantly, read the full article I shared with you guys here in the link aforementioned to learn more about music composition. In this case, I explain the four options for what we call continuation:

- Recurrence

- Development

- Response

- Constrast

Hope you all like it. And remember, if you have doubts or questions, you can always ask me for advice!


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