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Guitar technique by Tom Rickerby

Here I bring a helpful article written by my colleague Thomas Rickerby. He is also a guitar teacher at WKMT, who I am personally proud of. His approach is quite interesting, and his passion for teaching and guitar go beyond imagination. He is also guitarist in a local Londoner rock band, so he transmits all this creative ideas and passion to his students.

In this case, he brings an article in which he talks about an issue every single beginner guitar student go through. Where to place the thumb on the guitar?

As Thomas well explains in the article, it really depends on the technique, and also personal preference. He gives some advice on how to do it, but you really need to find your way. What it makes you play mroe comfortable and according to your technique.

Have a look at the full article and learn great tips on guitar, not only in this article, but also in the related articles you will find on the blog of WKMT.

Meanwhile, here I share one of the examples Tom shares in his article to show the idea he wants to give.


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