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Harmony in ancient Greece

harmony in ancient greece

Following the article published at WKMT Blog, about the beginnings of music, analysing the ancient music, we came up to Pythagorasand his discoveries about music.

Amongs many others, he discovered the harmonic series, with what each note we play can be split into more frequencies- so higher pitches. Listening closely to a low C on a piano and you can just hear the octave above, maybe even the G above that.

This is more into science- but the distance between these frequencies are how we got our notes in the first place. The first 4 harmonics have the intervals of an Octave, Fifth, Fourth and Major Third- it continues towards infinity.

Do not miss to read this great article to know a bit more about the beginnings and evolution of the music in the world. Go to WKMT blog and you will find it fullthrough the link below:


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