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Haydn In London by Juan Rezzuto

In the middle of this pandemic, some of us keep on working. We must say that we are fortunate ones, in case we keep our jobs, and mostly, we keep ourselves busy.

Thanks to the rapid adaptation of WKMT to this pandemic situation, confinement and fear, we have been able to carry on most of the lessons via online.

The studios remain closed, so we worked hard before the lockdown was active in the UK to set everything up; that way our studios keep open virtually for all our students. Thanks to the brave ones who dared to do the lessons online, and work perfectly well.

Thanks to all those who wanted to do so, and keep on learning and busy. It makes absolute sense. However, some of our students refused to learn online. That is just because they didn't give it a try, for sure they will like it since it works perfectly.

Anyway, looking forward, as part of the musician community, we also decided to think for when all this is part of history. Our history. And start preparing events in London counting on new musicians, venues to bring the music scene back to life. The music scene has been one of the worst-hit with these lockdowns. And as musicians, we need music in our lives.

For now, WKMT has organised a new classical concert in London for October 3rd 2020. When everyone is talking about 2021 the date for when to start from, we are optimistic and we think of this September-October. Who knows, we might be mistaken, but in case all is back to normal, why not? Why should we wait for longer?

Haydn piano concerto in F played by our colleague and Maestro Juan Rezzuto, and we will be part of the orchestra. More performances are expected to fill this programme.

For now, stay at home, keep secure and do not stop dreaming.


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