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Helpful Advice for your Music Exams

If you are planning to sit at any Trinity/ABRSM Official examination, do not miss this series of articles.

WKMT is back with a new educational article series. In this case, Sabrina Curpanen, piano tutor in London at WKMT Studio, is the person behind this series. A helpful professional advice split in three different chapters.

The subject around this articles is the same: Aural Test.

She is actively making sure that all our students are fully aware of the importance of this test within any UK official examination. Every musical examination counts on different subjects or sections to pass through. All of them, count for the final marks, so that means that the more prepared we go to the exams on all the fields, the better.

Why aural test? Well, in the case of piano students, scales and arpeggios, as well as the pieces and the sight reading is easily trained either during the lessons and on their own, however, the aural test means something different. Despite of being musical training too, it becomes singing training kind of. And that's why it is usually the less understandable test of all. It might be because it means something completely different to the piano training.

For that reason, this series will help you all to fully understand the idea of aural test, proposing four easy steps to follow in order to improve the training of the Aural Tests. Go to the link below mentioned and enjoy the series depending on the ABRSM grade you are preparing. Use the links below:


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