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How to practise violin

Here we know a new topic. This time, we talk about Violins. I haven't talked about violin before, that's why I considered it necessary.

Thanks to our colleague and Violin teacher at the studio, Irene Bejar, who brings this great and helpful article.

With this article she aims to provide with the right details about what happen in a first violin lesson. Topic, subjects, questions and more ideas about it, such as why the technique is so important amongst others.

Most importantly, she mentions something truly important that all the music teachers and professors know: The techniqe. Why is that so important in any intrument learning?

You can read it fully in the link aforementioned, which will take you to WKMT Blog and you could find more related articles.

I would also like to share a video which shows Juan Rezzuto and Irene Bejar rehearsing their recent concert. That way you could see Irene in action. The person behind the article.

Haydn Sonata in A for Piano and Violin - Juan Rezzuto and Irene Bejar REHEARSAL


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