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Learn to organise your piano practice

My colleague, Juan Rezzuto, has just published a new article on WKMT Blog. He explains a process which he uses and recommends to organise the time during your practice sessions.

At WKMT, we make all our students aware of the importance of the practice when they are at home. In every learning process, the teaching is 50% of the process, and the other 50% is the practice and assistance to music experiences. That's why, having a good technique in practising is quite essential for the well-progress of the piano learning.

Juan Rezzuto has his own way and now he shares it with we all to have another way apart from our own ones. Let's have a look at the article in the link aforementioned and do not forget your practice session ,)

Ps. The video above posted is a performance of one of our students when she was Grade 6. At the V WKMT Music Festival.


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