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Learning Guitar Basics

Here we are once again with a new article.

This time, I would like to thank Tom Rickerby for his new article published at WKMT Educational Blog.

He has recently written an article in which he explains some basics for all those learning how to play the guitar properly.

He makes us aware of the importance of the finger pressure when playing the guitar. As a guitar teacher too, it is a concept the students usually struggle to fully understand. It is not easy to know how much pressure we should apply, if softer or tighter. What is the exact measure?

For that reason, Tom Rickerby writes about it. He applies three easy steps to make us aware of the idea of the pressure linked to other basics like the type of guitar, size, ...

I truly recomend you all to fully read the article. You can just use the link aforementioned to access to it. For this and many more music articles, visit our famous Blog.


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