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Learning Jazz with Alvaro Sisti

Learning Jazz with Alvaro Sisti

Jazz, such lovely style of music. Who is able to hate? I haven't known anyone who dislike Jazz music, and specially on the piano.

This improvisation music has been on the top of the music genres leading since its first appearances back on the late XIX Century. Moment when thanks to groups of african-american started emerging and improvising with different instruments, always inspired by blues and ragtime. Its origins come from areas of United States like New Orleans, in which the influence of african blood was quite remarkable.

This style of music is considered for many people as the Americans' classical music. Which there is no doubt about. There is kind of in it. When you see a group of black musicians performing Jazz you can see how they have it inside, in anyway, are part of their own, such as the reggae in Jamaican people, or african music type in areas of Africa. This reminds me of a previous article I posted in which I analysed the idea of music within the culture. The joint between the music and traditions of a collective or society. In this case, the proof is remarkable too.

So, shredding jazz music, my colleague Alvaro Sisti, piano instructor in London for WKMT London, has recently wrote an article in which Jazz is the main topic. A very technical article analysing the most important points for any jazz piano beginner student beginning with jazz music.

In case you are really into jazz, do not miss this article. Read it fully now at WKMT Blog.


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