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Learning more about the History of Music

Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary, which sort of music do you love? Which do you feel more related with?

Some musicians say that the style of music you usually play defines us. It says much about us and our personality. A Baroque performer has certainly some character different compared to a Romantic performer, and that way with the other music eras/styles. Music when played is an expression of ourselves. It is true that the piece comes given but we can give our own expression, our personality within the notes. And obviously, the expression given depends on the style of music we play.

This time, we bring a new post talking about music along the history. The different eras of music and their main characteristics.

Anthony Elward uses his experience as piano tutor and performer to write this article. He has been and still is playing concert of different styles, mostly Baroque or Romantic, so he knows the main differences.

Let's read it fully using the link aforementioned.

What do you think? The music we play defines us?


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