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Learning some advice for your singing training

wkmt singing tips

With this beautiful picture of Lady Gaga I present my new post on the blog.

Lady Gaga during her Joanne Tour. What an album. That makes us wonder how hard must be take their lives. Superstars, who don't want to do what they do, as they love what they do but it takes them all at the same time.

It is hard work day by day, no rest, but always standing up and thinking of new things, new songs, new projects, new opportunities and being in the right place to not miss that possition so hard and many efforts took them. Hours and hours rehearsing, practising, thinking, training and a long "-ing actions" list of things to become one successful superstar. Is that the recipe?

It must not be easy to be like them, although we all might "envy" them, at the end of the day we appreciate our freedom, individuality and what we do too.

Well, while thinking about it all, just realised that WKMT Music Blog released a new article actually talking about singing. Our colleague, Aisha Peters, professional singer based in London, member of the old music group Fierce, is now collaborating for the blog and as vocal coach in London for the studio. She has written about some helpful and interesting topics within the singing training that you should't miss out.

Read the full article by clicking on the link aforementioned and keep on practising and working hard towards the singing success!


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