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My colleague and his new Series of Articles


Thomas Rickerby, my colleague at WKMT Studio, has written a series of three articles in which he explains the main subject of Music Production for all our readers and students. So, in case you were thinking of learning Music Production, this is the perfect chance for you to do it with the experienced studio in London in that subject.

Thomas has been working for WKMT as electric and accoustic guitar teacher. He is also in charge of the music recording sessions happening at the studio as the Sound engineer and editing the final recordings for our clients. He knows very well what to do and how to do it, that's why, now, he has planned this series to explain the main concept. A very trendy concept everyone is asking about. The number of students at WKMT applying for Music Production lessons have been increased in the last year considerably.

For that reason, Thomas decided to write this series of articles to help our students to increase the knowledge had during the lessons at our studio, as well as for all our readers to have a comprehensive idea of this subject. With these articles you will learn the concept, the importance and its uses nowadays, as well as the main characters who one day starting deveoping this subject. You will also get to know the different systems, the best ones, used for music production purposes.

I strongly suggest you to read the full series through the links below mentioned. Start learning with WKMT and Thomas more about music and production. Click on the chapters below:


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