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My Colleague’s Musical Affairs

As a composer, I am very proud of my colleague, as I also trained him on the piano at WKMT London Piano Studio.

Dominik Brendan, who I already posted something about previously, is a piano and singing instructor. Where he has been my colleague since beginning of 2.017. He has now published an article at the Music Blog of WKMT in which he explains some adventures he is now going through.

Singing is his passion, and he loves to share what he does the best. He is now performing in London his new song, and that has been the starting point for this article. He realised that for a vocal performance is needed tobe accompanied by a band to play the music. However, due to the short size of the regular venues, he though it would be more convenient to only count on a piano. That's why he composed a short piano piece to give life to his new song during his performance in London.

You can now read this full article and learn how he went through this process. It is quite important to be fully prepared as a musician. You never know when you would be requested to do something related to music but different compared what you usually do.


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