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My colleagues in concert in London

Concert in london by wkmt

Corelli & WKMT Duo. That is the title for today's concert organised by WKMT London Piano Studio.

As part of its monthly classical concerts for all its students and members, the famous studio has designed a beautiful programme to make us all enjoy this Saturday evening.

Baroque and Romantic eras of music mixed in one single concert. Two performances, three different instruments on stage and four performers playing.

First of all, a four hands piano duo by our piano tutors playing Schuman and Barbers piano pieces. Romantic and XX Century pieces played under the candle lights of St. Cuthbert's church, London.

And last but not least, our harpsichord teacher in London will be playing Corelli pieces on his own harpsichord Delf. A stunning italian crafted harpsichord accompanied by a violin, Anthony Elward.

If you feel like to join us and enjoy the evening of this Saturday with music and art, as well as beautiful pieces warmly played, do not hesitate to pop in from 6.15pm today at SW5 9EB. You can just get tickets at the door.

Click on the link aforementioned for more info.


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