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My recent collaboration for WKMT Music Blog

Proud of presenting my new collaboration for WKMT Blog. Collaboration, or I should say, research.

As in my previous collaborations for the famous music blog, I have been researching different areas of music. Different analysis of sections and topics. This time I talk about the musical taste influenced by the culture or traditions we born in.

I have been trying to look for an answer to the idea of how different sounds new types of music when it comes from abroad, and overall, why we feel it that way. At the end of the day, music is a compound of notes, chords and singing voice(s), however, it can result very strange to our ears.

Let’s see for example the chinese music, or even the indian music. The rhythms, instruments might be completely different compared to the european standards, however, it might not like it. The question is: why we don’t like it or we feel it so strange for us? It might be because we don’t appreciate it the way they do. And this is the main reason that made me analyse this subject.

Do we appreciate the music from the place we live in? Or at least, from the surroundings? For example, for a spanish person might not find so much difference with the italian music, or viceversa, but they do for Vietnamese popular music among many others.

tradition and music

This is exactly what I try to decompose to be analysed properly to fully understand the idea of music within the culture and traditions of an entire place, city, country, continent,... and how that influences in our musical taste and musical decisions. It would open many other ideas in case this is fully understand as it would be used the same for art, fashion, design, architecture,...

I hope you enjoy it and if you have some ideas or thoughts about it, do not hesitate to comment.


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