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My Sonata Analysis Series for WKMT

Proud of writting for WKMT London Piano Studio my new series of analysis of the Sonata Op.33a of A. Schoenberg, Klavierstücke.

As a recent analysis I made for my Composition University Final Work, I decided to share it with all our composition students at WKMT and followers.

This analysis is divided into two parts. You can find the links below to both of them.

I make some references to such a helpful bibliography, which will help you out to fully understand the ideas taken out from the favulous construction of the sonata.

- J. Zamacois: "Course of musical forms"

- Charles Rosen: "Sonata Forms"

- Jan LaRue’s "Guidelines for Style Analysis"

I considere myself such a fan of Schoenberg, someone I read so much to and I learnt and still learning. I recommend it to all my students in order to develop a full understanding of the analysis of sonatas.

I would love you all to read and follow this Sonata Analysis series at the blog. Next month, I will share the second part with more examples and annexes.


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