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New piano project in Glasgow

I take the chance today, Easter Sunday, to present our next project in the United Kingdom.

As expected, this project is based on the piano technique and tuition. After several months of check-ups, decisions and preparations, we finally released the website for what it will be our next project in Glasgow.

Yes, we would like to reach all piano students from Glasgow, and also all Scotland. Thanks to the success we are experiencing in London, and through our online platform too, we decided to look widely and explore also new areas such as Scotland.

With this website we intend to get professionals and accredited piano teachers to all those looking for piano lessons in the area.

WKMT Studios will put its entire platform and resources to the disposal of this new branch/website to recruit professional pianists who are interested in teaching the piano technique we are proud of: Vicenzo Scaramuzza.

Glasgow music tuition

We experienced a lack of network in this area in terms of piano tuition. Basically, just a few personal websites offering piano lessons, which obviously wouldn't be able to cope with all the demand of these services in this area. For that reason, we will create a platform where all students and parents will be able to check and select a teacher for their tuition in the same area. A platform that will reunite the professionals in Glasgow.

We are on it, website has been launched and just working on the recruitment, so stay tuned in case you need piano tutors in Glasgow and Scotland in general.


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