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One of my compositions shared for WKMT. Visions in three planes.

Happy to share with you all, and all compositions students at WKMT my latest article about one of my compositions.

Visions in three planes, is the tittle of a piece, that I personally love, not only because has been composed by me, but also and more important is because it is one of the pieces that defines me most. My passion for contemporary music and my continue inspiration by all that this music gives us. It is a passion and it is a part of me.

In this case, through an article posted for WKMT Blog, I aim to provide all my composition students, as well as the rest of our followers, with a piece composed and explained by the composer herself. From a theoritecal point of view, I express my thoughts and ideas of this piece with some describing images and the video uploaded as my final result.

You can read it full in the link below, and I do hope you enjoy it. I would love to know your thoughts and ideas flowing from it.


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