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Our Harpsichordist in concert - a Baroque Date in London


Glad to share with you all our new adventure in London on the 27th of April from 7.00 pm in St Cuthbert's Earls Court.

This time, WKMT Team has organised a fabulous Baroque concerto for all our students and members, as well as for all those like you that woud love to join us.

Baroque music is a jewel nowadays, specially when it comes to be performed with typical instruments and voice. That's why WKMT has prepared a beautiful programme, all about Baroque.

We will listen to Corelli, Handel and Purcell's most famous pieces. This time is such a special occasion as we count with an Ensemble entirely specialised in Baroque music, as well as with a Soprano and a harpsichordist. This last one is Avelino Vazquez, piano teacher in London for WKMT, who already performed a concert last January in the church. Thanks to the success he had on this previous concert, we decided to get back to the Baroque expression.

Arias, suites and sonatas will be sung and played by specialists for all of us. So do not miss it out, and join us on this fantastic date.

27th of April 2019

from 7.00 pm

St Cuthbert's church, Earls Court, London

Organiser: WKMT

Sponsor: Markson Pianos

Click on the link aforementioned for all the details. Do not forget to book your tickets!


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