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Our Piano Students to be tested at the June WKMT Festival

london piano recitals

Once again, I am here presenting our next edition for our usual WKMT Music Festivals. Time flies, along with the editions of our pedagogical concerts in London.

This would be our 9th edition so far, happening on June 15th in the beautiful St Cuthbert's Philbeach Gardens, Earls Court London.

I still remember our very first time in which our students got very impressed by the idea and no one wanted to miss it at all. It was such an inspiring and nice feeling being able to organise such a thing. And it has been the same feeling for all this years, edition after edition. The magic, passion, commitment and vibes are always the best put on it, so the results should be the same. So far, we are collecting success and happines from the performances and the students and parents. And we are sure it will be the same for as long as we keep into it.

This time, we celebrate the event in St Cuthbert's church, a beautiful and inspiring place with bigger spaces, much better piano and amazing accoustic. That way they feel for once what we feel as musicians when playing in such venues for many people. This way, they should manage the pressure, stress, nerves like professionals.

This is the best way they learn how to perform properly as well as preparing the pieces needed in shape and time. A very important and essential point within any quality piano tuition. However, it is not common to see the music studios providing the students with such thing. That's why, at WKMT we won't stop doing so.

For more details of this new edition, click on the link aforementioned and join us on the 15th.

On another note, but linked to the fantastic performing opportunities offered by WKMT London, I would like to share the latest article written by my collague Thomas Rickerby. As part of the team, he decided to write about the importance of the live performance for every single music student. Do not miss it out!


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