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Our Singing Teacher will help you with your next performance

Are you a singing student? In case you are, do you have a performance organised soon?

Aisha Peters, our Senior teacher at Singing Department, wrote an article based on her experience as tutor about some advices and tips on how to perform properly in your next concert or audition.

We have students coming to WKMT Music Studio enroling to get prepared for their coming performances, overall, auditions at schools or competitions. We found out that we usually are asked similar questions. That's why, we would like to post this recent article written by our colleague with some topic questions and tips on how to make your next singing performance the best one.

I truly recommend a read to this article by all those who are into singing lessons and willing to perform soon in front of an audience. Bearing in mind that the performance is another, and very important, stage of the music learning. A step we all need to experience at least once to know the importance and meaning of the music.

Read it fully in the link below mentioned and start preparing yourself for your next singing performance.

Singing Student at WKMT Music Studio London


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