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Our Tuition Pride


Yes, the famous editions of piano recitals are back this November 23rd from 4 pm in St Cuthbert's church, London.

Save the date!

This is a call to all those students seeking for piano performance opportunities in London, not that easy to get nowadays. Here we are, WKMT, has just released the new edition of this year for all the students who would love to show to the public what they are capable of on the piano, or any other musical instrument.

At WKMT we know that learning piano in London is easy, piano teachers everywhere and good prices too, however, are all of them providing a quality tuition? Are all of them graded in piano above Grade 8 or Diploma levels? Make sure they are, otherwise they could slower your learning progress, and at some point you will know more than them.

Obviously, for beginners, any teacher could start with the basics and early topics. You don't need to be a master in piano or concert pianist to teach young beginners.

Another crucial point in any musical training is the performance. Have you been offered to play somewhere? Did your teacher help you connect to any organization to play what you know and start experiencing the sensation of performing what you know?

Well, if that didn't happen yet, do not hesitate and contact WKMT to book a place for you to play in our next Festival in London in November.

After nine successful editions, we come back with the tenth edition for selected students and pieces. Professional recording for every single performer, as well as a nice catering and drinks for everyone to enjoy along the festival.

WKMT Students are already booked in, and you? Do not miss it out! Just contact 02071014479 or email to book you in. Click on the link aforementioned for all the details.


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