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Pedagogical meeting at WKMT

Teaching Music Theory could be a valuable artistic experience comparable to performance and even composition. The way in which teachers adapt their pedagogy to different learners is the key to success in a discipline that otherwise could be at least not-very-friendly.

Music Theory is to Music as Grammar is to Language. In spite of the fact that music learning can certainly happen without a specific Music Theory preparation, the more we understand what is behind all those notes, which are the rules of harmony or what makes a good melody line, the more controlled and confident we will feel about making music.

Last week, I conducted the teachers' meeting organised at WKMT Headquarters. The main purpose was what you can see above, to provide our teachers and students with a full range of resources and bibliography for the music theory lessons.

Find all the info on the link below mentioned, and get in touch with some great tips and ideas by levels and ages of the students.


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