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Physical and psychological steps to prepare a performance

"Have you ever performed for a concert or exam that you felt could have been better? In your opinion, have your performance experiences been positive or negative? If you could describe your last performance, would it incite happy and proud feelings or a sense of fear and disappointment?

It seems to me that we are our own worst critics when it comes to evaluating a performance. It is perhaps due to a strange and unnatural aspiration toward perfection." [...]

That's an extract of the article written by our colleague in the studio Mark Dowling for WKMT Blog. Where he explains some steps to follow in order to prepare ourselves for any performing situation. Because we are the most important asset on stage, if we are not 100% ready, it doesn't matter if the piece is.

So read it fully on the link aforementioned if you want to learn some great tips. It might help yours.

"For the amateur pianist, the benefits of performances, even casual ones, are immeasurable"


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