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Piano skydiving


Happy to announce next WKMT Music Festival. This VII edition is now prepared for the next 12th May at our usual concerts venue, Pushkin House, Central London.

What do I mean with piano skydiving? The answer is just the meaning of learning piano on itself. What is it? What is the most important step of someone willing of skydive? The moment when jumping off the plane, because the learning is not complete until the experience becomes a must. The same happens with the piano. The crucial moment of a piano learner, is when in front of an audience, shows what he can do, what he can play under stress and nerves.

At WKMT we know that, and that is our main purpose: get all our students in that situation at least once. That will give them the skills to manage their stress and nerves as well as enjoying this great opportunities and everything what is around it.

Do not miss this chance and come over and show us what you can do on the piano. Check all the details in the link below mentioned and do not hesitate to assist to this great opportunity in London by he leading piano studio in London.


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