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Professional Piano Practice Advice

Thanks, Mark Dowling, for your recent article for WKMT London Music Studio.

Two days ago, WKMT Blog published an article in which he explains some useful ideas about piano scales. Yes, we know, that "boring" exercise that we need to repeat again and again, with so many of them. However, we all know and must understand that it is a training that helps us to improve our piano skills as well as our fingering.

That's why Mark has written this article, to make us aware of the importance of the scales and piano practice in general. He goes through the importance for every single student and pianist. Explaining the main benefits of practising scales every day as well as the usual methods we all should use for practising the right way.

As per Mark's article, there are three ways of practising the scales. We all as pianists might have tried one or two of them, however, he proposes a third way, working with a Grouping Method.

Go to the link and access to the full article. Browse WKMT Blog for more related and helpful articles like this.


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