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Sharing Cymatics Knowledge

I am back to my blog. And this time, I come with new research I have been checking for so long. It is one of my passions, as I am always getting more information about it, doing research and experimenting with it.

I am talking about Cymatics. For all those who don't know about the meaning of this practice, here I bring this article I recently wrote for WKMT Blog.

Cymatics analyses the shape of the sound. The shape of the notes "stamped" on plates. Yes, if you use a plate with some particles on top and you place it on a place with musical vibrations, with every note a shape will be created by moving the particles of the plate, membrane or whatever you use.

That gives us an idea of how the notes when played look like. It is quite impressive to see the shape of every single note. The music is not physical, only heard and written, but the action of the music is not visible. Until now, that we have cymatics, and we certainly have the main shape of every single note keyed. Well, actually, since the XVII century has been analyzed, but the progress of the music industry has made us increase our knowledge about it.


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